The Masters of Taste of Torino and its Province


A taste map of addresses to discover through your mind, eyes and palate!
Represented by 26 different categories, the 182 Masters of Taste are the perfect spokesmen of the "Torino" spirit, deeply rooted in a prestigious tradition of food and wine excellences.
Launched in 2002 by the Chamber of Commerce of Torino, its Chemical Laboratory and Slow Food, the Masters of Taste of Torino and its Province is an innovative project with a wide program of activities, aimed to disseminate the food culture and education and to train citizens towards more aware consumption. A key role plays also the valorization of the local gastronomy through unusual itineraries, ranging from shops to historic emporia in the main city or in the towns of the province, in order to discover story and tradition of small farming or artisan production enterprises. News 2018: the tasting meetings with the #DigitalMasters.

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