The Bocuse d’Or Italia Academy


The Bocuse d’Or Italia Academy is located in Alba, Piedmont.

Enrico Crippa from the 3 Michelin stars awarded “Piazza Duomo” restaurant in Alba is in charge of the Bocuse d’Or Italia Academy as President together with the Director Luciano Tona.

The creation of the Bocuse d’Or Italia Academy in 2017 represents the beginning of a new approach to the most important and rewarding competition for professional chefs in the world and where Italy has never committed to give it the right value. The need of creating an Italian team which could be competitive and able to represent our Nation as best as it can, is something strongly felt within our national gastronomic sector. This challenge will be carried out in an organized and structured way through an expert teamwork which will focus on the candidate training and on the preparation for the challenging European selections and the world final in Lyon. Moreover, we created a training centre which will be located in the “Palazzo Mostre e Congressi” (conference hall) in Alba.